The world of catering has evolved to creating food stations that tickle all senses. It has taken advantage to utilize all exciting food items available in the market. Highly recognizable ingredients of this caliber are chocolates and sweets of the best caterer services.

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Getting comfortable with chocolate

Chocolate is revered all over as food for the gods because when you have a taste of it, it’s as if you have reached the heavens. This sensation is attributed by luscious taste and fine texture of this food item. It’s of no wonder that people have strong cravings for this food.

It’s one of the most sought-after offerings in special events like birthdays and wedding. Today’s creative caterers take a spin on the phrase “death by”. They associate it with an excessive indulgence of something, resulting in the arrest of people. “Death by chocolate” easily slides in with the use of high-quality products from Belgium and France. This food station takes luxury to a whole new level because of chocolatiers and their myriads of onsite interaction like truffle-making which definitely requires ganache that are pre-made.

Two more garish gimmicks that chocolate station makers are s’mores and chocolate graffiti station. The former features a big house (usually life-sized) made of marshmallows. The latter asks visitors to paint this giant chocolate with brightly colored cocoa butter. After painting, all attendees are asked to smash it so they can take a piece of each. This is like exposing the inner kid within. All of these features are meant to create a good time for the customers. This is the kind of experience they aspire as it builds relationships.

Sweet Nostalgia

Undeniably, sweets are universally recognizable. Probably because all of us were smitten by these treats, most especially when we were young. Premier caterers took advantage of this idea in creating sweet stations that unabashedly expose the inner child of all guests. All references that feature childhood memories are there to feast.

An example of this station is the inclusion of a boozy snow cone. We all now snow cones as summer treats way back when we were younger. They’re usually in fruity variants like strawberry, blueberry, and apple. It now becomes boozy with the infusion of alcohol. Another adult party essential that has roots in our childhood memory is boozy milkshake. Same thing with the snow cone for grown-ups, this milkshake has liquor in it. This adds a whole lot milky, chocolatey experience to the attendees.

These concoctions do not only do it taste good, they also look good. Both boozy snow cones and milkshakes are usually presented like that how we were accustomed of seeing it when we were young- vibrant and cheerful. Plus, to complete the nostalgia attack, servers are dressed in white aprons and white hats to achieve that ice cream parlor servers look. This experience is most likely to be captured by the partygoers’ smartphones and shared in various sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Caterers feel that the best way they can promote their business is through excellent visuals. They believe that social media savvy patrons who appreciate their work are the common suspects in promoting their catering company.