Is your front door faded and peeling? Years and decades of sun exposure will gradually damage your exterior wood door. And it actually becomes an uninviting eyesore and weather-worn on your home’s front door. When your front door is damaged from the sun and still structurally in shape, and doesn’t require any repairs yet, you should consider doing door refinishing rather than replacing it with a new one. However, refinishing doors takes some of your time and elbow grease, and should present no issues for do-it-yourself homeowners which have basic tools and skills.

Door Refinishing Service Houston

First, you need to push and pull the hinge pins out with the use of a hammer and a screwdriver. Afterwards, take it off the door as well as lay it flat over two padded sawhorses. When your front door has a glass window, then you should use some tape of the painter and tape the corners around the glass in order to protect it against scratches and refinishing paint. Get rid of all the hardware stuff such as kickplates, doorknob, hinges and locks. Sand the door surface and wear some protective gears such as dust mask and gloves. As a matter of fact, you should make sure you sand the surface number of times with different grit sandpaper. In addition to that, you should also keep in mind to sand the bottom, top and side of your door.

Afterwards, apply a thin layer of varnish to your door with the use of a paint brush. Start with the panels and then, gradually move out to the crevices, corners and any molding on your panels. After which, you have to flat surfaces and to the bottom, side edges and top. Always brush in the direction where the wood grain goes. Allow your door to dry. In addition to that, when all is dry, you have to sand your door gain with just a gentle pressure and always sand where the wood grain goes. Wipe your door and then apply another layer of varnish and allow it to dry. In order to achieve the appearance that you desire, sand in between coats, then apply as many coats of varnish as you want. When the door is totally dry, repeat the entire procedure on the opposite side and reapply the hardware and re-hang.

Tips on Door Refinishing Service on White Doors

When you are living in an old house, then you might be interested in revealing the secrets of refinishing white doors. By knowing how to perform this can usually save you money on replacing, repainting or having to hire a professional door restoration service provider or door refinishing service Houston. The initial step is to determine what caused your doors to become stained.

There are a lot of reasons why your door which was painted white becomes yellow over a period of time. One could be because of the smoke exposure. Either from a wood stove, furnace or a fireplace which didn’t have its flue open accordingly. Another kind of smoke damage is from the tobacco smoke.