Now that the room to be your home theater is ready, the next thing you have to do is buy a TV. It’s important that you get a TV of the right size or it just won’t work. You have to measure the space designed for the TV and buy the one that suits it most. You have to learn how to measure a TV properly and not just rely on its advertised size.

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For example, a 55” TV is not really 55 inches in length or size. You have to make sure that you’re getting the right dimensions so you won’t be frustrated. Installing a home theater system is definitely more than buying components and connecting them together.

How to Determine the Actual TV Sizes

Before you rush to the store to buy a here’s a guide to determine the right TV measurements so you’re sure that you’re getting the right kind. Here are the three things that you have to consider when buying a TV.

1. Diagonal screen size

The size that you see on TV posters and advertisements is called the diagonal screen size. If it says 55”, then it means that the measure from one corner to another is 55 inches. It is not the actual length or width of the television. But then, you can’t really assume that the advertised diagonal screen size is really the viewable screen size. For that, you have to use a tape measure to be sure. You can also find where it says “class TV.” A TV advertised as a 40-inch class TV means that there’s a small frame around the viewable screen to secure the panel. The viewable screen size can be up to 0.5 inches less than its advertised size.

2. TV bezel, frame, and stand

You don’t just consider the diagonal screen size and decide that it will fit the TV space you have assigned to it. There’s also the TV frame or the bezel to consider and the TV stand if you won’t be attaching the TV to the wall. The frames and bezels add half an inch to three inches to the TV. The stand is a major consideration here, as it adds several inches to the actual height of the television.

3. The space assigned for your TV

This is crucial information so you have to take this measurement before you going to the store. That way, you can get the most ideal fit. Where you’ll have the TV installed should be determined before you even consider buying one. There are a lot of things to consider, such as the borders and space around it. Extra space is necessary so you can safely remove the TV if needed or if you prefer to have the angle adjusted to get the perfect viewing experience. While you’re at it, try to determine the seating distance as well.

If you think it’s difficult to determine all of these with accuracy on your own, it’s strongly suggested that you look for Marietta, GA home theater installation experts. They should help you choose the right TV for your home theater, along with all the components necessary to get things done.